let's get physical!

After I typed out the title of this post I went and google'd Olivia Newton John and voila... Heh. 

My Nutrisystem order came in this past Thursday. I didn't want to start without doing my check-ins (i.e. weigh in, measurements & pictures) and I wouldn't have time to do it until this weekend so I decided against starting it right then and there. I initially thought that I would be able to begin Fast 5 on Monday but then I was reminded about this work thing that is catered and I won't be able to bring food from the outside and I really would like to follow the first 5 days to a T so I finally just decided to start on Tuesday. I'll still do my check-ins today or tomorrow just to be prepped and ready and will try to eat intuitively until then. I'm not counting calories yet but I guess we shall see.

Also, I may have weighed myself yesterday just to see how I was doing and I'm pretty happy that by being mindful of what I eat and starting to exercise again I'm down just a teensy tiny bit. It's not even a pound but because of my hypothyroidism, weight loss is in general a lot harder for me than the average person, so I will take whatever weight loss I can achieve and be happy.