daily eats + plans

breakfast - shakeology

lunch - the chocolate buzz + quinoa salad

snack - peppercorn cashews + the pink drink from starbucks

dinner - panera salad

The last time I took all of my stats was June 12. I had my pictures and all of my measurements at the ready to send to my Coach. In the end, I chickened out. I don't know why but I just didn't do it. 

Today, I will re-take everything. Pictures, weight, measurements, etc. And I'll be sending to my Coach. Because I want, no, need to be held accountable for my actions. I never would have believed that I could let myself go like this. My self esteem is pretty low and my health is really not great at all. 

And I've been ignoring it for far too long. I need to get right. 

I have to lose at least a 100 lbs. It's so daunting when looking at it as a whole but my friend once told me to look at it in bits and pieces. So I will take a page from Weight Watchers and celebrate my 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% goals and try to melt the pounds away that way. 

Somethings gotta give, ya know?