saying goodbye to 2016

As I sit here ruminating on the events of this past year both personal & just life in general, I have realized one very important thing. And as cliche or cheesy as it sounds, I have to remind myself yet again to be thankful for the blessings in my life. It's frustrating to think that I've become so negative and disillusioned by certain things that I've chosen (yet again) to focus on the negative. Thankfully & hopefully I'll have the new year to change my mindset. 

So here's to a couple of key words I will focus on in 2017:







There's a lot of uncertainty that comes from a new year. But I'm tired of dreading what is to come by thinking of all the negatives that could happen. 2016 has been brutal. But here's just a few things I'm so so so thankful for:






I lose sight of these things and I know I'm probably generalizing a lot of things but gosh, it's still true nonetheless. So here's to the new year... I'm hoping for a good one for both you and me. :) 

music monday

I've been feeling pensive & lazy on this day after Christmas. Good news is that I've started to plan for the new year and am anxious for what's to come. The past year has been brutal, in more ways than one, and I'm hoping that 2017 is a little bit kinder to us all. In lieu of this chill day that I've been having; I'd like to share my go-to playlist for days just like this. 


music monday - get lifted

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late... in posting my music monday. ;) Do any of your remember Wu Tang's "METHOD MAN"? That was dabombdotcom way back when. So imagine yourself doing your thingy thang on the interwebz and stumbling upon this video on a gossip site you frequent on a totally random day. And bam. The sampled track brings you back and you're like, "Oh, what is the name of this track again?" and it's on the tip of your tongue and then you see Method Man and you are just like, "OH. OH YEAH."

Cause that is exactly what happened to me. And of course I had to share. Because dude. This song was DA JOINT. Or DA JAM. Same difference, am I right?


music monday - the christmas edition

I love this time of year. I've decorated my cubicle at work for the first time for the holidays and I've also spiffied up our apartment into a Christmas wonderland. It's been fun.

With that being said, I'd love to share with you all my Christmas playlist from Spotify.

And below is another Acoustic Christmas playlist that I've been alternating with mine, depending on my mood.