music monday

Last Monday, as we were driving home from a friends house after celebrating America's Independence Day, a song I hadn't heard in awhile, from my iTunes playlist started to play. I remember exclaiming to my husband how much I loved the song. As I sat there feeling the music, my mind played back the memories. Like that time my brothers and I drove through Long Island with this song on blast and singing at the top of our lungs while I went through some things. It meant a lot to me that they took time out of their busy lives to commiserate with me as I tried to mend my heart.

It's funny, I've had my entire iTunes library on shuffle lately and it's been fun rediscovering all the songs I loved way back when. The nostalgia is real yo. Ha. So... here's a little blast from the past with Marques Houston's "Circle". Man, what a jam!