indian food with a southern twist

I love exploring and trying new restaurants here in Nashville. This particular one, Chauhan Ale & Masala House, was recommended by a friend & co-worker whose description and enthusiasm for the eatery alone had me looking forward to dining there. After I promised her that I would check it out, I went home that Friday afternoon and managed to convince my husband to try the restaurant out with me soon. After a few minutes of googling & perusing their website, however, found my husband on the phone with the restaurant inquiring about their business hours and my fingers flying on the keyboard to log onto opentable to see if there was a spot available that very same weekend. 

We miraculously booked a reservation that Sunday (which was Father's Day) during lunch and both my husband and I were overjoyed to see that they offered a brunch menu. I was hoping to maybe see a glimpse of Chef Maneet Chauhan, which was a bit of wishful thinking on my part, as I am a big fan of Chopped, of which she is one of a panel of judges for, on the Food Network. I was excited to find that she had a restaurant in Nashville and the concept of an Indian restaurant fused with southern cuisine was especially intriguing so I was really looking forward to tasting a bit of what they had to offer. 

At the restaurant, we started with the bacon chicken deviled eggs which were right up my alley! My husband did not feel the same, and while he did say they were good, he wouldn't exactly go out of his way to order them again. After a bit of indecision on my part, we eventually ordered some libations wherein I thoroughly enjoyed a drink called "dirty laundry". It was a mixture of Pimms #1, Raspberry Brandy, Lime and Ginger beer and it was divine. As someone who rarely indulges (in a purely alcoholic sense), this one was a win-win for me. For our entrees, I chose the "chicken & waffles" because the description on the menu had me at strawberry butterlavender syrup. Hector eventually decided on a dish called "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" which I believe he generally liked though he later admitted that he much preferred my chosen dish after he stole a bite or two or three/four.

The pièce de résistance, however, was an appetizer called "stop monkeying around" that our server Chloe, when asked for a recommendation, promised would be amazing and that we devoured & exclaimed over for dessert. The description on their menu is pretty simple; pull-apart bread, brown butter & pecans; but the moment you bite into it and flavors burst in your mouth? Well... that is a different story altogether and in the words of Lt. Joe Kenda, "well my, my, my". I would definitely go back just for this dish alone. Melt in your mouth dough slathered in sticky syrup/butter with crunchy pecans & powdered sugar delicately sprinkled over the top? I mean. Get in my belly. Now.

In summary, if any of y'all are ever in Nashville & are in the mood for a little something different (& delicious) then I highly, highly recommend this eclectic spot in the Gulch. Oh and order "stop monkeying around" while you're at it. You won't regret it.