When I was a little girl in the Philippines, I dreamed of moving to the United States and living the American dream. Of course, the American dream to a 5 year old girl consisted of eating all the apples I could pick and owning as many Barbies as my heart desired. Obviously, when my mom and I finally moved to Queens, NY and reunited with my dad two years later, reality was more than a little different when compared to my initial expectations. 

I have been a daydreamer at heart for longer than I can remember. My goals are numerous which is unfortunate as I am easily distracted. I am tad bit overdramatic at times (as my husband can attest) and I'd like to think I'm passionate about a great many things. 

I hope to share a little of those bits & pieces in this space like samples of my writing, music I am loving, photos that I think are cool (mostly taken by me but on occasion not), beauty products I am obsessed with, adventures of wanderlust and my apparent need to organize my life; amongst a host of other things I am sure. 

Thanks for reading and checking out this little page of mine.